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Bro. Charles E. Freeman

Bro Charles E. Freeman, the first African American Supreme Court Judge in IL. In 1954, Freeman earned a B.A. in liberal arts from Virginia Union University in Richmond, Virginia, and from 1956 to 1958 he served in the US Army (Korean War) as a courts and boards reporter. Bro. Freeman graduated from John Marshall Law School, J.D., 1962 and began his career in the field of the judicial system. He held many state (Illinois) /county (Cook) positions but eventually developed his own private practice where his long time law partner was Harold Washington, who would later become mayor of Chicago. Bro Freeman was chosen to administer the oath of office during the swearing-in ceremonies for Washington after his victorious mayoral bid. Freeman continued to climb the ranks in the judicial system becoming an appellate court judge and in March of 1990 he became the first African American to serve as a justice with the IL Supreme Court. In 1997, the justices of the Illinois Supreme Court elected Charles E. Freeman, to be chief justice of the state's highest court. Bro. Freeman may not be a house hold name, yet he has figured in some of the most historic moments in local black political empowerment.