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Bro. Huey P. Newton

Bro. Huey P. Newton is famously known for his pursuit of education eventually earning a Ph.D. in social science, and as the co founder of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense in 1966. The Party achieved national and international impact and renown through their deep involvement in the Black Power movement, political activism, and cultural preservation during the 1960s and 1970s. Newton and the Panthers started a number of social programs in Oakland, including founding the Oakland Community School, which provided high-level education to 150 children from impoverished urban neighborhoods. Other Panther programs included the Free Breakfast for Children Program and others that offered dances for teenagers and training in martial arts.

Though the idea of the party being a non-violent entity was its aim, the illicit activities of a few members would be superimposed on the social program work performed by the Panthers, and this mischaracterization would lose them support. The Black Panther Party of Self Defense was disbanded in 1983. The Dr. Huey P. Newton Foundation was founded in 1993 in Oakland, California, by David Hilliard and Fredrika Newton. Its purpose is to honor the legacy of Black Panther Party co-founder Huey P. Newton, effecting progressive social change by teaching practical lessons of community service.