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Bro. Alain LeRoy Locke

Bro. Alain LeRoy Locke, distinguished as the first African American Rhodes Scholar in 1907, Bro. Locke was the philosophical architect—the acknowledged “Father”—of the Harlem Renaissance. A writer, philosopher, educator; Bro Locke edited “The New Negro: An Interpretation of Negro Life”, an anthology of poetry, essays, plays, music and portraiture by white and black artists helping educate readers about the flourishing African American culture and promoted African-American artists, writers, and musicians to depict African and African-American subjects, and to draw on their history for subject material. “The New Negro” was considered a landmark piece of black literature. His philosophy of the New Negro was grounded in the concept of race-building. It’s most important component is overall awareness of the potential black equality; no longer would blacks allow themselves to adjust themselves or comply with unreasonable requests.

Being a systematic philosopher who developed theories of value, pluralism and cultural relativism, Bro Locke argued that the primary responsibility and function of the artist is to express his own individuality, and in doing that to communicate something of universal human appeal. His doctoral dissertation The Problem of Classification in the Theory of Value; discusses the causes of opinions and social biases, and that these are not objectively true or false, and therefore not universal. Locke received his PhD in philosophy in 1918 and starts his career as the chair of the department of philosophy at Howard University, a position he held until his retirement in 1953. Bro Locke has many published literary work that have influenced many other important figures in African American history such as Zora Neale Hurston and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. In a popular publication, The Black 100, Alain Locke ranks as the 36th most influential African American ever. The Alain Leroy Locke Honors Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. was established to honor his legacy as it lives on through our collegiate brothers who have distinguished themselves in the pursuit of high scholastic achievement.