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Bro. Hosea Williams



Bro. Hosea Williams, a civil rights leader, ordained minister, businessman, philanthropist, scientist, and politician. He may be best known as a trusted member of fellow civil rights activist and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s inner-circle. Under the banner of their flagship organization, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, King depended on Bro. Williams' keen ability to organize and stir masses of people into nonviolent direct action in the myriad of protest campaigns they waged against racial, political, economic, and social injustice. King alternately referred to Bro Williams, his chief field lieutenant, as his "bull in a china closet" and his "Castro".

Bro. Williams served with the United States Army during World War II in an all-African-American unit under General George S. Patton, Jr. He advanced to the rank of Staff Sergeant. Bro. Williams was the only survivor of a Nazi bombing, which left him in a hospital in Europe for more than a year and earned him a Purple Heart. After the war, he earned a high school diploma at age twenty-three, then a bachelor's degree and a master's degree (both in chemistry) from Atlanta's Morris Brown College and Atlanta University. Inspired by personal experience with and his vow to continue King's work for the poor, Bro. Williams may be equally well known as the founding president of one of the largest social services organizations for the poor and hungry on holidays in North America, Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless. His famous motto was "Unbought and Unbossed".