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Bro. Walter Dix

Black History Fact: Bro. Walter Dix- American Sprinter and Olympian who though young in age has seen much success in the area of Track and Field. As a professional, Dix has emerged as the most consistent U.S. sprinter in the last two years, winning three outdoor national titles and two World Outdoor medals to go along with his two Olympic bronze medals from 2008. Competing for Florida State, Dix is just the second athlete ever to win the NCAA 200m outdoor championship three times. In 2007 he was also the first sprinter to win the 100m, 200m and 4x100m at the NCAA Outdoor Championships since 1969. He has one of the top 7 fastest times in the US ever ran in the 100m and a top 4 time in the world in the 200m.