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Bro. Roderick Paige



Bro. Roderick Paige served as the 7th United States Secretary of Education from 2001 to 2005.   He has built a career on a belief that education equalizes opportunity ; moving  from classroom teacher to college dean and school superintendent to become the first African American to serve as the nation's education chief. 

Bro. Dr. Paige served in the United States Navy from 1955 to 1957.  He later taught health and physical education and coached at Hinds Agricultural High School and what is now Utica Junior College in Utica, Mississippi from 1957 to 1963.  From 1964 to 1968, Bro. Paige taught and served as head football coach at Jackson State University, compiling a record of 25 wins, 19 losses and 2 ties.  From 1971 to 1975, Bro. Paige taught and served as head football coach at Texas Southern University, while serving as the university's athletic director from 1971 to 1980 then the Dean of the College of Education from 1989 until 1994.  Soon after leaving TSU Bro. Dr. Paige served as the Superintendent of the Huston Independent School District (HISD) for almost 10 years. 

Dr. Paige was selected as the United States Secretary of Education from 2001 to 2005 under President George W. Bush. The landmark No Child Left Behind education law was developed with Secretary Paige’s help and passed in Congress with his support, and it was Secretary Paige’s Department of Education that implemented the law.  Currently Bro. Dr. Paige speaks at events and conferences along with book signings.