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Bro. William Clinton

Bro. William “Bill” Clinton, a distinguished pollution and philanthropic humanitarian served as the 42nd President of the United States of America.  At a young age Bro. Clinton became an active student leader, avid reader, and musician graduating. While in college Bro. Clinton was still very involved with student government, and joined many service groups on campus during his time at Georgetown University.  His high level of academics earned him a Rhode Scholarship to University College, Oxford and later earned his Juris Doctor degree from Yale Law School in 1973.  After graduating from Yale Law School, Clinton returned to Arkansas and became a law professor at the University of Arkansas. Three years later, he ran and won the seat for Arkansas Attorney General.  Bro. Clinton, continuing to blaze his path in politics was elected Governor of Arkansas in 1978 becoming the youngest governor in the country at 32 with a platform that would transform Arkansas’ economy and significantly improve the state's educational system. He was elected for a second term in 1983.  Nine year later Bro. Clinton’s advocacy for a wide variety of legislation and programs along with his “New Democrat” ideas were brought to Washington when he won the presidential nomination against incumbent President George H. Bush. 

 While in office Bro. Clinton enacted into law or was implemented by the executive branch
policies including the 
North American Free Trade Agreement and welfare reform, Family and Medical Leave Act,  State Children's Health Insurance Program,  Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993Brady Bill, Earned Income Tax Credit, and "Don't Ask, Don't Tell".  In 1996 Clinton was re-elected as president.  During his two terms in office Clinton oversaw a boom of the U.S. economy and the United States had a federal budget surplus for the first time since 1969. Since leaving office Bro. Clinton continues to be active in public life, giving speeches, fundraising, and founding charitable organizations.  He also has become a New York Times Best Selling author and serves as a United States diplomatic liaison and ambassador to many countries for many missions.  In 1993, Clinton was selected as Time's "Man of the Year", and again in 1998, he also won a Grammy Award for Best Spoken Word Album for Children (narrator for Wolf Tracks and Peter and the Wolf).  It is also worth noting that Bro. Clinton is an accomplished saxophone player and has played with the like of many famous horn players such Bro. Everett Harp.