Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc.
Eta Psi Sigma Chapter

Bro. Herman Williams Jr



February 8, 1954 Bro. Herman Williams Jr became one of the first black firefighters with the Baltimore Fire Dept. Though faced with many adversities because of his race, he never allowed himself to completely lose his cool and retaliate in violence all the while performing as a stellar firefighter. Along the way he was promoted to pump operator, Lieutenant/Fire Academy, Captain/Fire Safety Officer, and Battalion Chief of the Fire Prevention Bureau. In 1992 he was promoted to Fire Chief of the Baltimore City Fire Dept. thus making him the first African American Fire Chief over a large U.S. city. Throughout his illustrious career he has many accomplishments included reducing the number of fires in the city by more than half in 1999 due to a giveaway of more than 70,000 smoke detectors, writing a book “Firefighter”, and taking part in forming the Vulcan Blazers, the first association of African American firefighters. Bro. Chief Williams Jr. attributes his success and work ethic to the words his father instilled in him, “ You've got to work and earn your living. No one is going to give you anything”.